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Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is situated just north of Nusa Dua. This city isn’t known as a major holiday maker attraction when visiting Bali. Being that it is the capital, there are loads of Denpasar hotels to make a choice from for all budgets. For many budget travels, the hotels in Denpasar are an ideal place to remain as there are hundreds of inexpensive hotels and accommodation to be found. The service you will receive will be excellent, but the comforts will be very lacking. For the more discerning traveler there are lush places that you can stay at that offer 5 star facilities and services, but these are mostly occupied by business people.The lack of any beaches or other tropical views restricts the Bali hotels in Denpasar to what they are able to give the tourist. Not having the gorgeous blue sea or lush rain forest as a view means that all the hotels here will only be able to provide views of the town. As much as the Balinese life-style is uniquely different and worth exploring, activities in Denpasar are limited and therefore the variety of accommodation is also limited. You won’t find any private villas with access to isolated beaches or be able to step out of a hotel in Denpasar onto a stunning white beach. If selecting to remain here in one of the luxurious Denpasar hotels and you want to experience all that Bali has to offer you are going to need to commute from the hotel to the site of your selected activity.Only the top Denpasar hotels will have a website for you to order online and seeing as the city isn’t a popular tourist destination it is feasible to find accommodation throughout the year without booking in advance. The single time that you may find the hotels fully booked is if there is a major conference being held and then it could be hard to find something. If you do plan to spend a night or 2 here and want to stay in a luxury apartment then it is definitely a good idea to book early ahead. Backpackers and budget travels don’t have to worry as there is always room at the inn somewhere in Denpasar.Booking into one of the top Denpasar hotels, all your rooms will be air conditioned and all room facilities working, but if going for a cheaper hotel it is best to inspect the room before paying for it to be sure the air-con works and the toilets are use able. The next thing that you need to make sure of is if you need to have a hot bath or shower, make sure that these facilities are available. Coming from a developed country we automatically assume that hot water is available, not so in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia. You may have to order the hot water tank to be switched on a couple of hours before you wish to take a bath at some of the more budget Denpasar hotels.

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How to write Good SEO Friendly articles?Due to demand in building, back links to a website, SEO article writing became a very powerful tool in the internet world. Everyone will write articles based on the areas they are specialized in. But, they fail to write Search Engine Friendly article. To write an article, you should have technical writing skills like an SEO Copywriter. So, below are a few tips that will be useful for writing articles yourself.1. Ideal and Unique TitleAs we said before, there are numerous amounts of articles in the internet and if you want your article noticed, you should try a unique title which resembles a Search Engine Friendly article. Also, the title should be short and catchy for the readers and make them read the rest of the article. The user must get a rough picture about your article by just seeing the title of your post.The ideal length of the title should be 6 to 8 words, because the search engines will display only the first 8 to 10 words and hide the remaining words. Just do a little research on your topic and see what keywords people are using for their title. Try to be creative and unique. Search the title as your keyword in the search engines. If someone is already using your title, then modify your title by adding or removing some words.Ex: The title “How to write a SEO Friendly article?” is what many people used. Now, just add some words before or after without disturbing the theme of the article. Say it as “7 steps for writing a SEO Friendly article” which may not be used by others. This is how the title of a Search Engine Friendly article should be.Note: Check the title in the search results before choosing. Always use the keywords you are targeting in the title tag for better visibility.2. Body of the article:This is the actual area which should be made as Search Engine Friendly article. First, do a quick research of what keywords to use and make a note of it. The Keyword Suggestion tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker Tool will be very much helpful in deciding which keyword has enough search result to target for?The keywords are very important for search engines to find your article and also it used as a link that point towards your site [which we say as back links]. Suggested keywords are 5 to 6 for a 500 word article i.e., 2-4% ratios. Don’t overload the keywords than the suggested ratio, which is called as “Keyword Stuffing” and doesn’t seem to be a Search Engine Friendly article. Google or other search engines consider these keyword stuffed articles as spam and remove your site from indexing. Be careful while using keywords. Also, give descriptions for short-cuts like SEO as Search-Engine-Optimization, SEM as Search-Engine-Marketing etc…This is why because not everyone will know the derivations and abbreviations. Also, read other blogs in your niche to get some new ideas.Pay attention to the length of the article. 400-800 words are a good length for a Search Engine Friendly article. Always remember, user will not study your article completely, if it is very big. Try to be creative and descriptive. Using Internal Linking of articles is a very good Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) Technique.Note: If you use more keywords in your article, the user feels annoying and moves to a different site. Our first motto should be User Friendliness. So, always write for the readers, not for search engines.3. Proof Reading:Proofreading is the most important part which is neglected by most of people. No one is perfect in this world. Our articles are not any constraint to this. Proof Reading enables us to check the errors in our articles like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and some repeated words or sentences that will spoil our article. Every article should have given some time to check the errors those occurred while writing.Note: When you prepare a schedule for writing an article, remember to include some time for proof reading, which will enhance the professionalism of the article.