5 Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Business Online | business services

Facebook is one of the largest websites online today and is growing dramatically. Almost everyone has heard about this website and so it is becoming increasingly important for online business owners to use it in their internet marketing strategy.Your Facebook Page – The Place Where Facebook Business Promotion StartsThe first place, other than your personal profile perhaps, that you want to start promoting your business with Facebook is with a Facebook business page. Facebook pages are more specifically designed for businesses, professional people, celebrities and those wanting to promote a business, service or skill more than just a personal profile page. Your Facebook page should also be set up bearing in mind the people you are trying to reach and what they want from your page. Interact with them on both a social and business level – let them know what is happening in the business, share information they would like and allow interaction on the page. The page will then also have a space in its details where you can link to your website.Create a Facebook ApplicationThere are thousands of Facebook applications available and these can be useful not only in terms of making money directly from Facebook but also in sending people to your website for business purposes. Connect your website to Facebook by means of an application and then encourage people to use the application and visit your website.Facebook Social AdsFacebook social ads are similar to Google AdWords in that they are both pay per click (PPC) ads. The advantage with Facebook ads is that you can get a higher degree of targeting based on what people have written on their profiles. Not only can you target geographically but you also have more demographic information as well as information about people’s personal interests, etc.Create or Join Facebook GroupsGroups are another excellent means of website promotion on Facebook. By creating a group you have more control of the group and can send personal messages to the group but you will also need to build up the membership. The advantage of joining a ready-made group is that the membership is already there and provided that they allow you to share links, etc. then you still have some scope for promotion using these groups.Make Your Website Interactive with FacebookBy integrating your website with Facebook you will also notice advantages. Allow people the option of logging in or registering with Facebook, sharing comments across site, liking your pages, etc. As your visitors do this, so more of their friends will see and will visit your website.If you are not using Facebook to promote your business already then start implementing some of these ideas. Joining groups and starting your page needn’t take long and then you can gradually work on implementing the other ideas and building your number of fans and those using your application.

Five Factors That Define the Reputation of a Translation Company | translation services

When it comes to obtaining high quality translation services in cities such as Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, experienced translation companies with a long history should prove to be a good choice. Translation agencies based in large cities usually are able to handle various types of translation projects in many different languages, formats, budgets and timelines.However, as the market is full of translation companies, it becomes a daunting task to find the best one for your project. Check for these five essential things while selecting an agency for translation in Calgary or any other large Canadian city.Price: The very first thing that you will need to consider is the price factor. Translation companies often charge in a variety of ways, for example per page, per line, a flat rate, etc. However, most of the reputable translation companies charge by the word. The price based on the number of words greatly depends on the target language as well. For example, the rates for popular languages such as English, Spanish or French are normally lower than for less popular languages with lower translator availability, such as various Asian or Northern European languages. Thus high quality service for Spanish translations will cost you less since Spanish is a widely spoken international language that is used as the main medium of communication in many countries and regions.Plus, when it comes to price you must also remember that prices that are below the standard market rate can often mean poor quality translations. Thus avoid choosing a company for translation in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver purely on the basis of their rates. Keep in mind the quality aspect as well.Quality: Carefully chosen professional translators guarantee the best quality. To ensure that you get quality translation work spend some time researching the procedure how the company recruits and selects its translators . Take it as a positive sign if a company requires a minimum number of years experience for their translators. Educational requirements in translator selection are equally an important criterion. Careful translator screening and testing is important as well. If you wish to be assured of a company’s reputation, ask them for references regarding past translation projects similar to yours.Premier Customer Service: Look for a translation company which has a customer service department to assure a top-class, smooth service. When you give a translation project to a translation agency, you are likely to have certain queries which the translation agency must answer before the project can be fully executed. And here the capability and responsiveness of the agency’s customer service staff gains importance. This also ensures a good and healthy customer relationship.Speed: It is also essential to know how fast a translation project will be completed. An average translator can translate around 2,000 words per day, and daily input may increase with years of experience. In case you need the translation to be done quickly, the translation company must be able to do so within a realistic deadline. At times, companies do charge extra money for quicker delivery as compared to the standard rate. So, enquire about any rush surcharges that may be applicable.Past record: Finally, take into account the total number of years the translation company has been in business. Usually companies that have been in this business for a while have the relevant experience to handle complex projects. And such translation companies are more likely to provide quality work because they have a reputation to uphold.Overall, these are the factors that you should look for when you are looking for a translation company. Always remember that a translation agency, be it in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, will represent you, your products, and your company. So choose wisely.